Kasbah Hotel in Nkob Location

Situated just 20 kilometers from the historic village of Nkob and 10 kilometers from Tazzarine, the Kasbah Hotel offers a perfect retreat from the bustling city life.

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Discover the tranquil Kasbah Hotel in Nkob, nestled in Tamsahelte village just 20km from Nkob and 10km from Tazzarine. Located 160km south of Ouarzazate, Nkob offers a serene escape amidst its famous kasbahs and desert landscapes. Immerse yourself in Moroccan hospitality, with traditional décor, lush gardens, and authentic cuisine. Explore the desert by day, indulging in camel treks and guided hikes, then unwind under the stars with Berber music and tales of adventure.

To reach Hotel Kasbah Riad du Sud, nestled in the southeast of Morocco, follow the scenic route from Tazzarine, situated just 10 kilometers away. Alternatively, if you’re traveling from N’Kob, the hotel is approximately 20 kilometers from the village. Located 180 kilometers south of Ouarzazate, the journey to Riad du Sud promises stunning desert vistas and captivating landscapes along the way. Whether you’re arriving from nearby towns or embarking on a road trip through the Moroccan countryside, Hotel Kasbah Riad du Sud offers a tranquil retreat amidst the beauty of Tamsahelte village.

Restaurant Nkob Station Ziz

Located at the entrance of Nkob village, Restaurant Nkob is a culinary gem nestled within the gas station. With its convenient location, it’s the perfect stop for travelers exploring the area. The restaurant offers a cozy ambiance adorned with traditional Moroccan décor. Indulge in a menu featuring authentic Moroccan cuisine, from hearty tagines to fresh salads. Enjoy a flavorful meal before continuing your journey through the captivating landscapes of Nkob.

To reach Restaurant Nkob, located at the entrance of Nkob village, follow the main road leading into the village. As you approach Nkob, you’ll notice the restaurant situated conveniently at the gas station, welcoming travelers with its inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re arriving from nearby Tazzarine or exploring the desert landscapes further afield, Restaurant Nkob is easily accessible from the main road. Simply look out for the gas station at the entrance of the village, where you’ll find this hidden culinary gem awaiting your arrival.

By Rachid B Tour Guide
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